Defining the "Account plan"


To correctly record in financial accounting, the account plan in bexio payroll accounting must be reconciled with the account plan in bexio financial accounting. The entries (account number) are checked for plausibility, i.e. a check is performed to see whether the account number already exists in the FA account plan. If the FA account is missing, a corresponding error message is displayed (exclamation mark).


Tip: Change or add to the FA account plan before adjusting the account plan in bexio payroll.


1. Add account

You can add a new account at the top left. You can add a new financial accounting account, should the financial accounting accounts we specify not suffice. Give the new account an account plan number and a description and save it.


2. Edit / adjust account

You can also edit the existing financial accounting accounts (account number and description) by clicking on the blue pen. When adjusting the accounts, please note that they are not intended for any other purpose. Example: Do turn a liability account in the balance sheet into an expense account in the income statement.


3. Create an account in bexio

To ensure long-term input directly to bexio financial accounting, it is important that the accounts are also created in bexio. If a red exclamation point is visible for an account, this means that the account has not yet been created in the account plan in bexio financial accounting. Go to bexio ( and then to "Settings" - "All settings" - "Accounting" - "Financial accounting account plan". Now transfer the account number and the name and save them. 



4. Update

Back in payroll you can click "Update" and then see how the red exclamation point changes to a green "tick".


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