Edit a bill


In order to edit a bill again, it must have a "Draft" status.

Status "pending" or "overdue"

If the status of the bill is "Pending" or "Overdue", click on the "Edit bill" link and then edit it again. For example:

  • Edit items again (adjust the chart of accounts number, adjust VAT rate, etc.)
  • Add items
  • Edit the header and footer
  • Adjust contact details


Status "paid"

If the status of the bill is "Paid", you must first delete outgoing payments. It may also have been booked through a bank transaction. In this case, you can undo the reconciliation.

Subsequently, the bill status is "Pending" or "Overdue" and can be processed as described above.

Please do not forget to note the date, bank account as well as the amount paid. After processing, you will want to reset the bill to the original status. To do this, you must know this data so that the accounting is complete and correct.

You can either enter the outgoing payment manually after the adjustment or go to the banking transactions in the banking section and make the reconciliation again.




Status "bank payment created" / "payment sent"

If the bill status is "Bank payment created" or "payment sent", you must first delete the bank transfer payment in the "Outgoing payments" tab.

Subsequently, the bill status is "Pending" or "Overdue" and can be processed as described above.


Bank payment created

The payment needs to be created again so that it can be processed by banking as a payment.

Bank payment downloaded / transmitted

This payment has already been downloaded as a DTA / pain.001 EZAG file and has either been uploaded by in your e-banking or is still on your computer. The payment has already been transferred to your bank. This means that you can leave the status of the bill as it is so that you do not have to re-enter the payment again.


Do not forget to set the bill back to the original status after you have made the necessary changes.

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