Pay the bill

Marking a bill as paid using the status function

You can use the "Mark bill as paid" link to post a payment receipt with today's date, and the bill will be updated with a "paid" status.


Manually marking a bill as paid

Alternatively, you can also enter the outgoing payment in the "Outgoing payments" register by clicking on the "New outgoing payments" tab. There you select the value date, the bank account and the amount itself. Save the outgoing payment with the "floppy disk" icon.


Marking a bill as paid via banking

If you work with bexio bank transactions, you can post the payment directly with the bill and make the reconciliation. You can find out more about this here: match the bank transaction.

Marking the bill manually as paid, create payment by bexio

If you do not use the bank transactions, but have created the payment via bexio, the bill will show the status as "Bank payment created, transmitted or downloaded". In this case, you must first delete the bank transfer payment.


You then proceed as described in the section entitled "Manually marking bill as paid".

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