Purchase order delete / cancel / send / manage stock

A purchase order is used to place your order to a supplier. On the one hand, you can create the order in your draft (with your own background), and on the other hand, the order is used to increase the stock of a product.

Cancelling / reversing a purchase order

A purchase order can only be deleted while in the "Draft" status. You will find the basket in the upper right corner, with which you can completely delete the order.

Please note that in the case of a deletion, the number range is not reset.

As soon as the delivery receipt has been created (Create incoming delivery), the purchase order can no longer be set back to the "Draft" status, but the purchase order can be cancelled. In the event of a cancellation, the inventory balance is also corrected.

Sending an order to suppliers

We currently offer the possibility to generate the order as a PDF. Direct shipping via bexio by e-mail is not possible at this moment. If you still want to send the order by email, we recommend that you save the PDF on your computer and then send the order as a PDF attachment via your own e-mail software.

Shipment not sufficient

Before entering a product into the order, make sure that the product is marked as a "Is a product with managed inventory". This is the only way to increase the inventory level of the Delivery Receiving function.

If this is not the case, delete the item from the purchase order first. Go to the product and edit this with the pen. Check the following box: "Is a product with managed inventory".

Now go back to the order and re-enter the product to create the delivery receipt.

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