Entering wage types/values that are repeated every month


Wage types that are used monthly for certain employees can be added/removed in the employee master record. Possible wage types (for example):

  • Monthly functional allowances
  • Monthly expense report
  • Private share of company car

Under the menu item "Employees" -> Selection of employees -> "Base wage data", you can enter wage types and values that are inserted automatically into each month. 

You can choose from a number of wage types. Please contact your trustee directly if you have any questions about the utilization.



To add and remove the wage type, click on "Add/Remove wage type".

You can add the wage types marked with a plus symbol to the list displayed. For example, if an employee receives a monthly location allowance of CHF XXX. 


If you have already selected wage types and want to remove them from the employee, you can scroll down to the bottom of the same list. Now you see the stored wage types and can remove them by clicking on the minus symbol if, for example, the employee no longer receives the local bonus.


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