Recording wages into bexio's financial accounting

Currently, the payroll must be posted manually in financial accounting (manual accounting screen). We recommend that you do this monthly so that your financial accounting is kept up to date. For this purpose, bexio payroll accounting provides you with a corresponding accounting document after each completed payroll run.

We will automate this, but at this stage we cannot tell you when this will happen.

Account plan

You can find out how to create accounts in payroll accounting and bexio financial accounting here: Create account plan.


The accounting document is not available for download until the monthly payroll run has been completed. You can read more about this in this article: How do I carry out the monthly payroll run?.

At the end, you will receive the accounting document as an Excel file directly under "Payroll" for the respective month (if this has been finalized). 


Recording accounting documents in financial accounting

Record the individual business cases line by line, as shown in the video.


Since this is a recurring transaction, we recommend that you save the entire record as a template. Click on the 3 points and save the template.




You can use the account sheet to check the payroll account (for example, 1091). It should be cleared after each accounting action (balance = 0). For questions regarding correct accounting, please contact your trustee. They will be happy to create a template for you.

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