What do I have to do if the wage data changes?

Changes in hourly or monthly wage or employment level can be adjusted as follows.

Adjustment of hourly or monthly wage example:

Heidi Meier's hourly rate will increase by 2.50/hour to 26.50/hour as of November 1, 2017. Under Employee/Employment, the hourly rate can be adjusted and applies to all payroll accounting for this employee that has not yet been completed.


The employment level of Peter Menzi will be reduced from 100% to 80% as of November 11, 2017. The capacity utilization level can be adjusted under Employee/Employment and applies to all payroll runs for the employees that have not yet been finalized. 


Tip / Note

Wage data adjusted under Employee/Employment is immediately effective for open payroll accounting and cannot be put on a timeline. This means that a change agreed in November and effective as of November 1, 2017 can only be adjusted after the October wage has been completed.

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