Accounting the private part of a company car


In principle, you can adjust the settings for the wage statement in the tab "Company" - "Wage statement details".


In the tab "Employees" - "Base wage data" you can add the wage type "Private portion company car" and define an amount. This is then listed automatically in the payrolls.




Calculation / Specifications

If employees are also allowed to use their company car in their free time, this is considered a payment in kind and is subject to OASI and VAT.

The OASI compensation fund as well as the Federal Tax Authority (FTA - VAT Department) calculate 9.6% (0.9% per month) of the purchase price per year excluding VAT as wage or taxable turnover (VAT), but at least CHF 1,800.

In the case of leased vehicles, the cash purchase or object price specified in the contract excl. VAT forms a basis of calculation.

Note: Please note the new tax regulations regarding commuter allowances for the private share of company vehicles (FABI template from January 1, 2016). Your trustee will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding private shares/payment in kind.



Calculation example:

Purchase price of the car excl. VAT: CHF 36,675.95
thereof 0.9% / month: CHF 330.10 per month

The employee has CHF 330.10 per payroll and month as "private share of company car" added to their gross wage, from which the social security contributions are deducted (decisive wage).



  • CHF 330.10 must be included as the decisive salary for OASI/ALV/DI/EO/OD/NII and DSP.
  • CHF 330.10 must be accounted for as turnover subject to VAT (legal entities) or as an input tax correction (sole proprietorship).
  • "X" in field F on the wage statement, so that no deductions can be made for commuting.



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