Update-News 27.09.2017

New Functions / Improvements

  • Document design: The spacing between the address and the beginning of the document is entirely up to the designer.
  • French translations:Various additional sectors of bexio have now also been translated into French and existing translations have been improved.
  • Contact and importation of product:The Excel templates have now also been translated into French and English and can be imported.
  • bexio invoices:The invoices available for use in bexio are once again being displayed in bexio as banners.


  • Customer number during contact: The customer number will once again be displayed in the detailed view of the Contact window.
  • Display of disbursements: The complete list of disbursements will again be displayed.
  • Display of help when in banking: The duplicate display of “Help” has been removed.
  • Support for PrintScreen:The Support button on the left side is functional again (PrintScreen).
  • Foreign currencies: A foreign currency can no longer be deleted once it has been used.
  • File management:Files that are attached to a new manual booking will subsequently be archived.
  • Document design in the Arial font:The Arial font will also be displayed as such in the template.
  • Export of Balance Sheet & Income Statement:Special characters (ôéâîûêèç etc.) will again be displayed correctly when exporting the Balance Sheet and Income Statement as PDFs.
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