Automatic reconciliation (ESR)


The new, uniform file formats enable automated work processes. Matching ESR transactions can be automatically reconciled in banking with bexio. Currently, this automatic reconciliation is only possible for PostFinance customers. We are going to enable the automatic reconciliation for the other bank interfaces as well, as soon as the financial institutions fully transition to the ISO standard.

More information about what file format you need to request at PostFinance to benefit from the automatic reconciliation can be found here: Getting the most out of PostFinance with bexio

The search mechanism ensures that only unique transactions with an invoice / vendor invoice are posted in bexio. bexio now differentiates between the automatic reconciliation and manually reconciled transactions.

Automatic reconciliation

Transactions are reconciled automatically in the following cases. You no longer need to reconcile them with the transaction reconciliation.

Invoices (accounts receivable)

  • ESR payment (reference number & amount are the same)
  • ESR payment (reference number is the same & different amount / cash discount deduction)
  • The contact data of your invoice recipient match those indicated on an invoice still to be reconciled. 

Supplier invoices (accounts payable)

  • Vendor invoice paid through bexio (can be assigned using a unique ID, which is specified by bexio when the payment is made to the bank).

When importing transactions, you get information on how many transactions could be reconciled automatically.



You can find the automatically reconciled transactions with the "automatically reconciled" status in the "Banking" section under "View bank transactions". You can also undo the automatic reconciliation and reconcile the transaction manually under "Actions".

Transactions to be reconciled manually

All further transactions that cannot be clearly assigned by bexio must be posted using "Reconcile transactions" as before.

More information on how to post the transactions with bexio can be found here: Reconcile transactions


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