Update-News 11.10.2017

Dear bexio community

We would like to inform you about the update that was automatically applied on 11 October 2017. You are not required to make any changes.


The new standard file formats allow work processes to be automated. Matching ESR (inpayment slip) banking transactions can now be reconciled automatically with bexio. Automatic reconciliation is currently only possible for PostFinance customers. We will be enabling automatic reconciliation for the other bank interfaces as soon as we possibly can, after the financial institutions have fully adopted the ISO standard.

ISO format data can now be imported into Banking with the "Import transactions" button. The following formats can be imported:

  • A single camt.053 file (account statement)
  • A single camt.053 file (account statement) combined with one or more camt.054 files (detailed notifications)

The "Reconcile now" button is now positioned on the right-hand side rather than in the middle

Document design

  • "From" address: Your company address can be placed over the recipient's address 
  • Templates: If several templates are available, you can now use the template overview to decide which type of document the templates should be applied to as the default

Accounting: Manual bookings

  • Predictive text: Texts that have already been used are shown as suggestions
  • The "New line" button no longer appears when "tabbing", thus enabling direct bookings
  • Compound journal entries can also be booked in foreign currencies
  • When a bank account (which has been included in the Banking section) is selected, the currency is determined on the basis of the bank account

General adjustments in Accounting

  • A fiscal year will now only be re-opened by Support for a fee. A notification to this effect is displayed when closing a fiscal year.
  • The account type of accounts is always displayed in the Chart of Accounts settings.

Bug fixes

  • HTML Editor: The description fields can now be formatted again (product description, times, tasks, etc.)
  • Overdue bills on Dashboard: Overdue invoices are now loaded and displayed on the Dashboard again
  • Export Excel file for accounts receivable and payable: An Excel export can be generated
  • Items with a value of 0 or minus amounts: Prices of 0 or less will be shown on documents
  • API product measurement units: Units used for products in the API are correctly shown and applied
  • v11 different amount: Differing amounts or percentages are correctly taken into account when importing v11 files.
  • The fonts in the document design module match the preview and the PDF
  • Document preview works in the Edge and Firefox browsers
  • Account ledger export for more than 500 rows: Excel files are exported correctly for more than 500 rows
  • Opted VAT: Can be applied even if you used the balance control method in the past, and is correctly calculated and displayed in the VAT form and the journal
  • Balance sheet total: The balance sheet total is also displayed after a year has been closed
  • Export ledger to PDF "Export all ledgers" shows the balance from the previous month, and the export also functions for ledgers with a very large number of bookings
  • Manual bookings drop-down: The drop-down menu stays in place and does not scroll up and down
  • Selection of code 301: This code can be applied even if the balance control method was used in the past
  • Translations: Various translation errors have been corrected
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