Link bexio with your E-Banking

After you have created your bank account at bexio, you can link it with your bank. bexio currently supports the following banks:

  • UBS (Direct interface! More information on how to link bexio with UBS can be found here.)
  • Raiffeisen
  • ZKB
  • TKB
  • Credit Suisse
  • PostFinance

bexio is constantly working on linking more banks. At present, we cannot tell you when and which banks will be linked.

At first, you need to create your bank account at bexio. You can learn about how it works here.

If it is one of the banks listed above, you can now link your e-banking with bexio. You will find the "Connect e-banking" button at the top right of your bank account. Please click on it.


  1. Login with your e-banking user data including the verification method (e.g., mTAN)
  2. Retrieve bank accounts
  3. Link bank accounts
  4. Overview of linked or ignored bank accounts
  5. Retrieve transactions
  6. Check import

After you have successfully linked at least one bank account, you will see the "Retrieve transactions" button.

There may be several reasons why bank transactions cannot be imported. You can find out about the possible reasons in this article: Why can't I import any transactions?

Please note that you must also first link your bank account with bexio before transferring payments. This process is necessary for the transfer of payments.

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