Update-News 24.10.2017

Dear bexio community

We are pleased to inform you that an update was carried out automatically on 24 Oct. 2017. There is no need for you perform any updates.

Document format

Improvements to document backgrounds 

The quality of document backgrounds has been significantly improved both in preview and network view. However, to benefit from the improved resolution, the corresponding PDF has to be uploaded again in "Edit template".

Copied documents apply same template

When a document (an invoice for example) is copied, then the same template is now applied to the document. Previously the standard template for this document type was always applied.

Document formatting rights

In the settings, you can grant or deny users the right to format documents . In "Settings" - "Packages" / Add-ons / Users" - "Manage users" the document formatting rights can be set individually for each user.

Important: This new setting is only activated for "Superadmin" users - if you can no longer access document templates, ask your company's superadmin to enable the required setting.  

Financial accounting

  • The account balance shown for each account when a manual booking is made, is updated after each booking.
  • In the manual booking screen, invalid fields are highlighted with a red border so you can see immediately which fields have to be selected again in order to complete the booking.
  • When a manual booking is created from the in-box, a new booking screen opens.


  • In stripe payments, "Jetzt bezahlen" is now translated.
  • In order processing in French, the word "Nouveau" is no longer truncated.
  • In manual bookings, the (' ,)       delimiter symbol,which deviates from the Swiss norm, no longer resets amounts to zero.
  • Inactive accounts are shown in the manual booking screen (list view), however cannot accept bookings.
  • Document online view on mobile devices is displayed better.
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