Carrying out the monthly payroll


Before carrying out the monthly payroll run, the following points should be checked and adjusted if necessary:

Employee pool

  • Register new employees
  • Enter leaving date when someone leaves the company
  • Civil status check (report to PP)
  • Change in child allowances or training allowances (see compensation fund order)
  • Adjustment of monthly or hourly wage incl. holiday bonus + degree of employment
  • Adding/removing wage types
  • Change of address + bank details

Payroll run

Explanation of the monthly payroll run and how to create it.

Go to the menu item "Payroll" (1) -> "Payrolls" (2) and select the month (3) to be completed.


  1. In the following overview, you can display all employees or individual employees. You can still make individual adjustments in the individual employee view.

  2. You can enter an additional text for all employees if required under "All employees".
  3. Once you have checked the individual employees and everything is in order, you can complete payroll accounting.
  4. As soon as all payrolls have been completed, you can export them as Excel or PDF documents.
    Additionally, you have the option of exporting an accounting document; in this Excel file you can see how the month should be recorded (accounts debit/credit and amount). You can then use this document to create a manual record in bexio.
  5. Finally, you have the option of downloading the wage payments as a DTA file. You can upload this DTA file to e-banking so that your wage payments can be executed.
    Further information can be found in the article How to pay wages

Important: Make sure that each employee's bank details are stored correctly. Otherwise, you will receive an error message (red exclamation mark).


Accounting record

The accounting document mentioned in the previous view, under point 4, looks as follows:


(further information can be found in the article How do I record wages?)

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