bexio account for clients - Differences

If a bexio account is created by a trustee, there are three different types to choose from.

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bexio account for clients - Create/Add Account
bexio account for clients - Setup


Classic bexio account for clients

As a trustee, you create the account, set up the accounting, and invite the client to collaborate in the account. The client then orders one of the packages - you as trustee have no access to the checkout. The invoice is paid by the client.

Client account

With the client account, you as a trustee have access to the trustee package with financial accounting and payroll accounting.  This allows you to manage the financial accounting and payroll accounting of your clients. As a trustee your are the owner of the account and manage the account. During the setup, you, as trustee, configure the account with the client's company data. You place the order and we send you the invoice, which you can, of course, pass on to your client. For easy and time-saving administration, we recommend using a credit card to pay for the different accounts.

bexio account for myself

With this option you can set up a bexio account for your own company.  The account is then equivalent to a "normal" bexio account, i.e. it works as if the account was created directly from the website.

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