What does the trustee package consist of?

bexio offers its customers a specific package that targets the requirements of trustees.  With the package, the functions of financial accounting and payroll accounting can be used separately from the remaining functionality of bexio, and billed directly via the trustee.  It should be noted that the new offer can immediately be used for all accounts newly created by trustees.

As a trustee, do you have to pay extra for your previous clients?

No. The new trustee package is for trustees who only want to take care of the financial or payroll accounting for new clients. For example, such clients may  Be hairdressers, that don't yet need bexio.

How does the invoicing of the trustee package work?

As a rule, you as the trustee are the recipient of the invoice. You will receive a separate invoice for each subscription to the trustee package. On your invoice you will find the name of the client, so that you can tell the invoices apart.  For easy and time-saving administration, we recommend only using one credit card for the different accounts.

Does the client have access?

You can also invite your clients, if this is desired.  For example, the client can upload receipts to the bexio inbox via the bexio scanner or simply view the accounting in general.

Is a standalone general ledger or payroll package also available for end customers?

No.  This is an exclusive offer for our trustees. We continue to rely on the overall solution and thereby the greatest possible efficiency advantages in the work processes of an SME.


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