How do I create a manual posting?

How do I create a manual posting?

You can access the new posting input mask directly via "Accounting > Manual Posting". In order to save a manual posting, at the very least you need a date, separate accounts for credit and debit postings, and an amount.  The rest of the information is optional.


Overview of the posting input mask:

Date (1):  The date on which the posting should be made. You can use the tab key to jump to the next field. You can enter dates with period separators (for example, 06.12.2016). The date can also be entered in the format 6.12.16. The posting input mask will automatically format it as a valid date.

Document number (2): Assign an individual document number to the document. This will help you to clearly identify your posting in the balance ledger. The document number is optional.


Debit/Credit (3): Select the account to which you want to post a debit or credit.

Description (4): You can enter a short description here so that you can later quickly retrieve and track down a posting. The description is optional.

VAT(5): If your posting contains VAT, then you can enter an appropriate tax rate here. Please note: The amount including VAT (gross amount) is always posted! If you have linked a VAT rate to one of the selected accounts, it will always be preselected. If you manually select a VAT rate, you will be asked whether you are posting a debit or credit at the time of posting.

Currency (6): The base currency is selected by default. If you want to make a posting in another currency, then you can select another currency here. 

Exchange rate (7): If you select a currency that is different from the base currency, then the value that was specified in Settings > Functions and Modules > Currency Exchange Rates will be used as the exchange rate. Of course, you can also overwrite the exchange rate.

Amount in CHF (8): The calculated amount in the base currency. If you prefer to specify the base currency and foreign currency directly (without an exchange rate), you can do that. In this case the exchange rate will be calculated automatically.

Attach document (9): You can attach one or more documents to any posting. Documents can be uploaded directly using the posting input mask, or you can select documents that have been already uploaded from the inbox.

Delete posting: When editing an existing posting, the  Delete posting icon will appear in the top right corner. If a posting is deleted, bexio will reverse the posting and no reversal posting will be made.


Templates (10 and 11): Every posting, including group postings, can be saved as templates so that they can be reused. By clicking the multi-dot icon in the bottom right corner (11), you can call up a menu for saving a new template. Apart from the date, all of the fields in the template can be saved for use again in the future. You will only be able to see the "Templates" drop down menu once you have created templates (10).

Postings: You can save the posting by clicking on Post . The new posting will be displayed at the top of the "Most recent manual postings" list. This will allow you to quickly check and (if necessary) correct postings that you have just made. You can also make a posting (if all conditions are met) by using the keyboard shortcut Shift-Enter.

Group postings

If several individual postings are included in a single package and are assigned a single document number, then we call this a group posting.
For example: Monthly sales from a POS system


To create a group posting, click on "New line". As soon as the new line is created, the "Delete line" icon will become available. You can delete any line. However, you must leave at least one line, or otherwise it will not be possible to make the posting. You can also add or delete lines using keyboard shortcuts (see below).

Group postings

In order to break business transactions down into different parts, you can create a group posting.
For example: credit card bills or Old Age and Survivors Insurance charges


As soon as just one account (debit or credit) and an amount are specified, the input mask will switch to group posting mode. A new line is created and the empty field will be locked.

Now you can add each line one by one until the total debit and total credit amounts are balanced. Only at this point can you make the posting.

Input assistance and keyboard shortcuts (shortcuts)

There are a few keyboard shortcuts that will make it easier to enter a manual posting . The fastest way to navigate through the input mask is to use the tab key. You can find more keyboard shortcuts in the help menu, which you can display and hide by clicking on "?".


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