Entering "Master data"

Under "Company" you enter important data about your company. In order for payroll accounting to be used successfully, it is important to completely fill in this data. Please remember to confirm your entries by clicking on the "Save" button in the top right-hand corner.

  • Basic data
  • Workplaces
  • Source tax
  • Bank details
  • Other
  • Wage statement details

Basic data

The basic data will be transferred from bexio financial accounting. If you want to make adjustments here, go to bexio ( and click on "Settings" - "Company profile & logo" in the top right-hand corner and change your details there.

This information is automatically synchronized with bexio payroll accounting.

Company Identification Number/UID:

Enter your company's UID number. If you have already entered it in bexio, you will find it under "Settings" - "Company profile & logo".


Visible years:

You can define which years should be displayed in the main navigation to the right of the "Documents" item.

At the turn of a year, bexio will automatically create the next year and mark it as "visible".



The workplaces are your company locations.



If you have one location, then you can click on "Use company address" under headquarters and the address will be automatically transferred from the basic data.


BER Number:

The BER (Business and Establishment Register) number can be obtained from the Federal Statistical Office. Please send an email with the following information to the email address

  • Company name and address
  • Company identification number (UID)
  • Commercial register number (recommended)


Second location:

If you have a second location, you can add it using the "Add" button and also adjust the number of working hours per week if necessary.


Source tax


Select your canton and enter your customer number / QST ID. If there are several stores, you can also define an accounting area.

Bank details

Enter your own bank details here. We recommend saving the IBAN and BIC. The IBAN number is necessary for further processing of wage payments.





Set whether you want to round your amounts to 5 centimes or not. Important, the change has no effect on months already finalized.

Vacation allowance:

You can choose whether the proportional vacation compensation refers to the hourly wage including the vacation bonus or only to the hourly wage. The latter is the common procedure.


Choose from one of five predefined layouts. You cannot edit the layouts or add your own templates.

  • Standard
  • Large font
  • Without logo (for stationery) -> If you have already placed your stationery in the printer.
  • Address right - > The employee address should be displayed on the right (envelope with window on the right)
  • For shipping via


You can define whether you want to enter the data for "Statistics / Earnings Structure Survey" and which wage agreement you work with.


Wage statement details

bexio recommends that you complete the details for the wage statement together with your trustee.

You will find the instructions assistance for completing this as a PDF download under the following link at the bottom of the page after the heading "Guidelines and overview of the cantonal tax authorities": How to complete the wage statement

Further information on the individual points can be found under the "Info symbol". It says where the point can be found on the wage statement, as well as where you can obtain further information on the desired points. Here are some examples:


Catering - letter G on the wage statement


Company car - section 2.2 on the wage statement


Expense regulations approved (to be found under "Expense regulations") - item 15 on the wage statement / Rz54 (Rz stands for point) and 55 of the guidelines for completing the wage statement




The person responsible for wages is the employee who is responsible for wages in your company.

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