Downloading the wage statement

The wage statement is created automatically by bexio payroll accounting. To do this, you must first select the company name and the corresponding year.

Click on the corresponding company name to the right of "Documents" and select the desired year for which you need the wage statements.

You now have the option of downloading the wage statement as a PDF file per employee (Employees tab) or for all employees (Company tab).

Note: The wage statement is a legal document and is the basis for calculating the tax factors (natural persons). It is therefore particularly important to ensure that the wage statements are filled out correctly. Further information is available via the following link:

You can also export the payroll account as an Excel file for the whole year "Download Excel payroll account" or per month as a PDF by clicking on the green cloud for the corresponding month.

Under the tab "Company" you can access the following data and export it as a PDF:

  • Company or employee master data
  • All wage statements
  • OASI wage statement
  • OASI-exempt persons and wage totals for OASI wage statements
  • Earnings Structure Survey 
  • Individual insurance statements

Important: Only finalized months are taken into account when documents are created.

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