What types of postings are there in the journal and can I edit them?

What types of postings are kept in the balance ledger?

bexio divides postings that are stored in the balance ledger ("Accounting" -> "Reports" -> "Balance Ledger") into different categories. The following types of postings can be found in bexio:

Which postings can I edit?

Posting type Can it be edited?

Automatic postings 

Manual postings Yes
Bank postings Yes
Customer account postings No
Opening postings No

How can I edit these posting types?

Automatic postings

If you want to edit an automatic posting, such as one that is generated by an invoice, for example, then click the link in the document under "Reference" and you can edit the document.

The accounts are controlled using positions. You can learn more about automatic postings here: "What are automatic postings?". See the following article for instructions about how to edit invoices: "How can I reedit an existing invoice?".


Manual postings

If you want to edit a manual posting, first click on it to view the posting in detail and then click on the "pencil" icon in the top right area to edit the posting.

You can find out more about manual postings here: "What do I need to know about manual postings?".


Bank postings

If you created a posting in the balance ledger in the banking area by reconciling a transaction as a manual posting, or if this posting was created as the result of an incoming or outgoing payment on an invoice or a supplier invoice, then you can undo the reconciliation, make any necessary changes to the documents, and then reconcile them again in the banking area.

In order to reset a posting that has been created through reconciliation, open a detailed view of it by clicking on it in the balance ledger and clicking the button "Undo reconciliation" in the upper right area. Then you can reconcile the transaction again in the banking area. You can find out more in the following article: "How do I reconcile my banking transactions with bexio?".

What are my available options for the other posting types?

Customer account postings

For customer account postings, you can only make an offsetting posting in the customer account in order to balance the posting. Learn more about customer accounts in the following article: "What are customer account postings?".

Opening postings

For opening postings, we recommend making an offsetting posting directly in the balance ledger so that they balance again (balance = 0) and then reopening them using manual postings.


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