Create partial invoices

What are partial invoices used for, and where do I submit them?

You have the option of creating partial invoices in bexio. You can use these, for example, if you offer payments in installments or want to charge a partial amount in advance and another partial amount on conclusion of the contract.

Partial invoices are defined as "Repetitions" in the order and are also generated from this. You can find the partial invoices in the opened order under the tab "Partial invoices".


Calculation options

You have two different calculation options for partial invoices: "Percentage values" and "Absolute values".

  •    - By entering percentage values you can divide the invoice amount into percentages. If you want to create partial invoices in two equal installments, under "1st partial invoice" and "2nd partial invoice" enter 1/2 for "Denominator" and "Numerator"; this basically means two times the half of the total amount.
  •    - In the case of absolute values, you can divide the individual installments based on a specific invoice amount. If you want to create partial invoices in two different installments, enter the desired amounts under "1st partial invoice" and "2nd partial invoice".

Click on "Save" to finish defining the partial invoices.


More installments

You can also set up more than three installments. Simply fill out the calculation screen up to the third partial invoice, after which a line for a fourth partial invoice is added automatically. Please note that the total of the installments must equal the total amount of the order.



The "Partial invoices" are now visible on the right-hand side of the opened order. "Partial invoices" shows you how many partial invoices can be created for this order in total and what the status of these partial invoices is (open, issued).

Button "Create partial invoice 1" is used to create the first partial invoice with the status "Draft". You can then use this to change the conditions, address, header and footer text, and settings before you charge these definitively.

The first partial invoice is then given the status "Issued" in the order. Button "Create partial invoice 2" can then be used to create the next partial invoice.


Remove partial invoices function

Consult the report "Remove partial invoices" for information on which conditions need to be met so you can remove the "Partial invoices" function.

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