Edit/delete invoices


An invoice must have the status "Draft" before it can be edited or deleted. Please note that the number of a deleted invoice is not re-issued. We therefore recommend canceling incorrect invoices rather than deleting them. If you still want to delete the invoice, proceed as follows: 

In status "Pending" and "Overdue" 

- If the invoice has the status "Pending" or "Overdue" click on the action "Edit invoice again" and then on the trash can at the top right to definitively delete the invoice.



In status "partial" and "payed"

- If the invoice has the status "partial" or "paid", you must first delete payments via "Incoming payments & amp; credits". You can then proceed as described above.


In status "Canceled"

- If the invoice has been canceled, you first have to click on the action "Undo cancellation". You can then delete the invoice as described.


In status "Unpaid" 

If the invoice has been set to "not paid", you must first click on the action "reset not paid". Only then can you delete the invoice as described above.


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