Edit payment templates - Individual terms of payment

Under the item "Settings - All settings - Functions & modules - Payment templates" you can define the individual or industry-specific terms of payment you want to use for your bexio invoices. As always, you can edit existing terms or create new payment templates.

The payment templates defined here can then be specified as the default templates in the document settings. To find out more, read the article "Where can I edit the document settings".

Regardless of the default settings you choose, you can also define individual terms for an invoice via the "Terms" tab.


First assign a name for the new payment template and then define the other settings.

Default payment period

This period defines the number of days from the invoice date until the invoice status is set to "Overdue".


Payment type and additional text

Under the payment type, first define how the payment will be made. Choose from "Prepayment", "Cash payment", "EC card", "Invoice", "Cash on delivery" or "Credit card".

In the "additional text" field you can enter the terms of payment again in words. For example: "Payable within 30 days of receipt". The terms of payment are only listed under the invoice if you have filled in the additional text field.


Discount options

Reward clients who pay their invoices punctually. Do this by granting a discount if the client pays within a specified period of time. Simply define the period as well as the percentage of the discount you want to grant.


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