How can I store my own letterhead with the old DocDesigner?

One of the first steps when setting bexio up is to store your own personal stationery or letterhead. Use a PDF file in A4 format for this. You can obtain this file from your preferred graphic designer or create it yourself in a word processing program like Word or Open Office.

If you upload your own letterhead to bexio, you can store it as the new default letterhead for the various documents. Of course you can also use different templates, such as one for offers and orders and another for invoices. To find out how to store a letterhead as the new default letterhead for specific document types, please refer to the article "Where can I edit the document settings?"

Upload a letterhead

To upload a letterhead, go to "Settings" and "Document template".


If you upload a new letterhead ("+ new letterhead"), you will be taken straight to the settings page. If you want to edit an existing letterhead, first click the desired letterhead and then the pencil icon at the upper right in order to edit it.


Letterhead settings

First assign the name you want to use for the template, then select the paper using the "Browse" function and define a different font color if desired. Adjust the margins and address block alignment where necessary.


Different subsequent paper and final paper

In some circumstances you might want multi-page documents to have a separate subsequent page which has a layout or page margins that differ from the first page. Check the box next to "Different subsequent paper" and make the desired settings.

You can also define a subsequent page that is always printed out on the letterhead selected. This can be used to print your General Terms and Conditions (GTC), your bank details, advertising or other contact details.


"Print PDF without letterhead"

If you already have printed stationery, you still need a template that provides bexio with parameters like margins. For this, either edit the default paper or simply store a blank A4 page in PDF format.


Setting the letterhead as the default

Once you have uploaded the PDF, go to "Settings - All settings - Functions & modules > Document type default settings". There you can define the letterhead as the default for the individual document types so that the letterhead appears by default when you create a document.

Note: The new letterhead will only be applied for documents whose status is "Draft".

For more information about document settings, please refer to the article "Where can I edit the document settings?"


Upload problems

When creating the PDF template you might have used a program that utilizes a type of compression that is not supported which renders the PDF unusable:

  • When saving the PDF file, use the option PDF/A.
  • Use a good open-source PDF program like the "PDF Creator", for instance. We have also had some very good experiences with the "Preview" program for Mac.
  • If you still experience any problems, send an e-mail with the PDF and error message attached to Our technicians will convert the PDF file to a suitable format so that you can then incorporate the template.
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