Why doesn't the logo from the online preview appear on the PDF document when using the old DocDesigner?

Why isn't the logo from the online preview appearing on the PDF document?

First a few basic differences need to be clarified. The data for the online preview, including the logo, are taken from the company profile. We also provide a default letterhead in bexio. As is the case with the online preview, this letterhead draws on the data contained in the company profile.

That means that if the logo from the online preview is not used on the PDF, you probably specified your own letterhead for use with the documents. The PDF documents then draw on the letterhead stored rather than the company profile.


Online preview

The data for the online preview will be taken from the company profile (including the logo) and the banking accounts stored. You can adjust the company profile under "Settings - Company profile & logo". For more information about banking accounts, please refer to the report "Managing banking accounts and setting up ESR".


PDF documents

The data for the PDF documents are mainly taken from the letterhead. This is a PDF document in A4 format with its own logo, own address and own footer which you can create in an external program like Word or have created by your preferred graphic designer. To find out how you can upload your own letterhead in bexio, read "Personalizing bexio - storing your own letterhead".

You can find more information on ways to customize documents in bexio in the report entitled "Documents in bexio - what can I customize?"

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