Need to do when not subject to taxation


If you are unsure whether you are subject to taxation, please check with your accountant.

When you first set up bexio, the setup wizard offered the option "No, I am not subject to taxation” under step 5. If you are no longer sure which option you selected or would like to change the setting, go to "Settings" -> "All Settings" -> "Accounting" -> "Basic VAT Settings". If you want to change the setting, simply click on "No, I am not subject to taxation".





I created invoices before I changed the setting. Will they be adjusted retrospectively?

No, your invoices will not be adjusted retrospectively, this must be done manually. To do this, open the invoice and go to the "Settings" tab. Now select the "Tax exempt" option and confirm the modification with the "Confirm changes" button. Invoices can only be processed if they are in “Draft” status. For more information on how to change the status of an invoice to “Draft,” please consult the article "How can I delete invoices?"




Do I need to adjust the tax rates?

No, you do not need to adjust the tax rates. If the option "tax-exempt" has been selected, there will be no automatic VAT bookings, so the tax rates are irrelevant.



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