Orange payment slip (ESR)


How do I activate ESR?

If you want to set up the ESR process (orange payment slip) on your postal or banking account, go to "Settings - All settings - Functions & modules - Banking account (liquid funds) - +New account". Either create a new account or edit an existing one.


Check "Invoice with ESR slip" at the bottom of the page, then open the corresponding settings. The information you need for these can be obtained from your bank.

To print the payment slips, only use completely empty payment slips without your address, reference number or encoded line. All of this information is generated by bexio and will be printed on the slip.


How do I correctly enter my bank's details in bexio?

Enter the information needed to generate and electronically process the payment slip under ESR master data.


  • Bank number and participant number: This information can be obtained from your bank. The BESR ID (bank number) is generally made up of the last digits of your account; these then become the first digits of your reference number. The participant number (postal account number) is generally the postal account number of your bank.
  • Display orange background: This option controls whether only the ESR information should be printed on the payment slip or whether the orange background should be generated on the corresponding PDF, as well. This can be helpful if you want to send your invoices by e-mail, for instance.
  • Beneficiary details: These are composed of two pieces of information. Enter your bank under "Payment for" and your address will appear under "In favor of".
  •  Stretch factor of coding line: This setting lets you stretch the ESR coding line (positive value) or compress it (negative value). The length of the coding line must be just right so that the payment slip can be processed. Check the length using an ESR mask which can be obtained from your bank or the post office.


And what happens when the individual amount deviates from the invoiced amount?

If you work with the ESR process, you have the option of accepting a payment even if the entire invoice amount was not transferred. This might be the case if you want to grant your client a discount, for instance.

You can find this setting under "Settings - All settings - Functions & modules - Banking account" where you can edit the relevant banking account.


Use these fields to specify the amount of the discrepancy for which the payment should still be accepted as "Paid".


An example:

You want to grant your client a 2% discount for timely payment so you enter a "2" in the "In percent" field.


In the case of an invoice amount of CHF 100.00, the transfer would also be accepted as "Paid" if your client only transferred CHF 98.00.

The remaining amount of CHF 2.00 is automatically posted as a discount.

You can also define this deviation as an absolute amount, such as a deviation of CHF 5.00 regardless of the total amount.


How can I correctly position the items on the payment slip?


ESR information is automatically positioned by bexio; if it does not fit in your preprinted orange payment slip, you can reposition the individual items. To do so you can shift each item individually, both horizontally and vertically, by entering a positive or negative number in millimeters.


To find out which setting can be used for which element on the ESR, simply mouse over an element on the payment slip and the corresponding setting will be highlighted in yellow. Of course the opposite also applies.



When changing the positioning, keep the following in mind: if you enter a negative number on the X axis the item will shift to the left; if you enter a positive number, it will shift to the right. On the y axis, negative numbers shift the position upward and positive numbers downward.


The font size is wrong. Why?

Your printer's settings have a large impact on the final size of the payment slip. Check your printer's scaling options and settings like printing without margins or change the page width. If the printed payment slip fits in the mask, save your printer settings and do not change them anymore.


Where can I get the OCR font for ESR?

There is no need to set up OCR-B. This font is already stored in bexio and will be used automatically for orange payment slips.


How can I validate my payment slips?

The last step when setting up the ESR process is to create test invoices and submit payment slips to your bank for scrutiny. Your client advisor will certainly help you. As soon as your bank has given you a "green light", you can download the v11 file from your e-banking account, import it into bexio and automatically post the test invoices. Now nothing stands in the way of successfully working with convenient orange payment slips.

Please be advised that the processes of submission and confirmation of the bank may take some days. During that time we recommend to not send out any invoices with an orange payment slip until you received the bank's confirmation.


What are the different parts of the reference number?

The ESR number (the long one) is made up of the following numbers:

Client's account number, amount, reference number (27 characters) and a format designation (whether the amount is contained in the number or not). There are also check digits to prevent entry errors.



What is the difference between ESR and BESR and what is VESR?

Three different designations are frequently used in connection with orange payment slips. The meaning of these is as follows:

  • VESR: process for payment slips with reference number
  • ESR: payment slip with reference number
  • BESR: bank payment slip with reference number.
  • BESR differs from ESR in that it contains an "In favor of" field. Identification is performed using the bank number, bank ID or client number contained within the reference number and the bank's participant number.

Video instruction

Please read the following help-center article to see how you can work with the v11 file. How can I perform payment reconciliation for ESR payments (v11)?



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