Automate reminders

bexio now offers you the option of automating your reminder procedure.

You can also continue managing your reminders manually, as well.


Automate all reminders

If you want to automate all reminders, proceed as follows: "Settings - All settings - Functions & modules - Reminder levels".


Click a reminder level to configure the setting.


Then, under "Send automated reminder by e-mail", you can now specify when you want the reminder to be sent. Then save.


You can now configure this setting for all reminder levels that you want to have sent out automatically.


Automating reminders for individual invoices

If you only want to automate the reminder for individual invoices, you can configure this setting right in the invoice itself.

To do so, open the desired invoice and go to the "Reminders" tab.


There you can add the automation option for each reminder level and specify when the reminder should be paid by clicking the pencil icon.

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