How can I create reminders using the payment reminder run function?

In bexio you have the option of escalating individual invoices with the status of "Overdue" to the next reminder level. On the other hand, you can also choose to escalate all invoices with "Overdue" status to the next reminder level by means of a payment reminder run.

To do this, open the reminder run function under "Sales - Other - Payment reminder runs (reminders about outstanding invoices)". The open overview shows all payment reminder runs performed to date.


New payment reminder run

To start a new payment reminder run, click the "New payment reminder run" button at the upper left. You can then specify a date for the payment reminder run. To do so, set the date on which the due date should be assessed. This is also the date on which the payment reminders will be issued.


All invoices will then be listed that still have the status of "Overdue" at this point in time. Select the invoices here that you want to escalate to the next reminder level.


At the end of this, you have an opportunity to either have the individual documents displayed individually as a PDF preview or, by using the multi-PDF function under "Actions", have all of the documents collectively displayed in one document as a PDF preview.


Edit reminder

Find out how you can edit reminders in the report "How can I edit a reminder?"




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