Create a project from a quote

bexio offers the option of creating projects from quotes and quotes from projects. Here you can find information on how to create a project from a quote. Consult our report "Create an offer from a project" for information on how to create a quote from a project.

Create a project from a quote

In a quote with the status "Pending" or "Confirmed", you can generate a project using the button "+ Create project" on the right-hand side.

 The following data are transferred from the quote to the project: 

  • Quote title becomes the project title
  • Creation date becomes the start data for the project
  • Article positions become work packages (the first line becomes the title of the work package; the rest is included in the description)
  • Quantity of the article positions becomes the expected time (is only transferred to the project if the unit "h" is set in the offer)
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