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bexio offers several different ways of booking credits. This article explains the following options:





Booking a credit with an invoice

When you create a credit, bexio automatically suggests which invoice can be used to book it – but of course only if the customer concerned has open invoices. An action field with the button “+ Post credit with invoice” will appear above the credit. When you click the button, the credit will automatically be allocated to this invoice and booked.



The invoice can later be found in the "Outgoing payments & invoices" tab, which will always show which invoice was used to book the credit.



Booking an invoice with a credit

If you create an invoice for a customer that already has a credit or other open asset on his or her account, bexio will propose that the invoice and credit are booked together.

An action field will appear with the button "+ Post credits". When you click the button, the credit will automatically be allocated to the invoice and booked.



The credit can later be found in the tab "Incoming payments and credits". The same tab also shows other payments that have been received for this invoice.



Booking a credit via "Enter payment (manually)"

The wizard to enter payments received manually can be found under: "Sales" - "Other" - "Enter payments (manually)". More information can be found in this article: "What can I do under Sales - Other?"

You can use "Search options" to find the invoice number or contact person. Next, select the appropriate invoice under "Options" on the right of the displayed credit, then click on the floppy disk icon and book the credit with the selected invoice by clicking the "Post" button.



Booking a credit via "Incoming payments and credits"

To find out how to create and book a credit directly in an invoice, please refer to the article: "Credit returns directly via invoices"



Assigning a credit to a manual outgoing payment

If you have created a credit for a customer and prefer to pay out the amount credited, you can book it directly on the credit.

First, go to the credit that you would like to pay out. You can book the outgoing payment with the "New outgoing payment" button on the "Outgoing payments and invoices" tab.  



Booking a credit to a customer account

Find the desired customer under "Contacts" and then open the "Finances" tab. Then click the "Show account" button and you will see a list of all the incoming and outgoing payments of this customer. From here, you can book credits and debits or generate an account statement.



To do this, click on the "+ Customer booking" button in the top right-hand corner. This will open a window where you can book the credit. Adjust all the fields in the window appropriately and then click the "Book" button.



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