creating a new project

To record a new project, first go to "Projects - Projects" and then click on "New project".



Project data

You will then be taken to the input screen for the master data for the project, where you can first select the client and then a contact person (where applicable) under "Project data". You can also enter a description for the project as well as a start and end time:


Project status

You can the define the project status as "Pending", "Active" or "Archived". You also have the option of setting a sub-status or the project phase. You can define the sub-status at your discretion.


Project type

Finally you can specify whether the project is a client project or an internal project. This is another way of differentiating your projects according to category.


You have now finished setting up the project. Clicking on "Save" takes you to the project dashboard. We will explore the other functions in the next article "Functions of project management".

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