functions in project management

Once you have entered the master data for a project, this takes you to the project overview:

Quick input of project basics

Using the four buttons on the dashboard you can define some initial parameters for the project such as: add team members, enter initial tasks and times, and define the conditions for the project (hourly rates, budget). You can also hide this view by clicking on "X". Of course you can also enter these settings on a new page later on.

Project tabs

The project tabs allow you to organize your project. You can set milestones and divide the project into various work packages, as appropriate. You retain an overview of all times and tasks or can assign new team members to the project. You can find all offers, orders and invoices associated with this project in the document flow.

Project team

Invite your team members to join the project and assign them a function.

You can also invite team members via the tab "Team".

The select the bexio user and assign them a function:

The user is now assigned to the project team.

Project actions

You have various actions open to you depending on the tab chosen, e.g. actions to record specific entries on the dashboard:

or to record offers, orders and invoices under the tab "Document flow".

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