Creating an offer out of a project

bexio offers the option of creating projects from offers and offers from projects. You can read the report on how to create an offer from a project here. Consult our report "Create an offer from a project" for information on how to create a project from an offer.

Create offer from a project

In an opened project with the status "Pending" or "Active", you can generate an offer from a project by going to the "Document flow" tab and then clicking on the button "New offer".

The following data are transferred from the project to the offer:

  • Project title becomes the offer title
  • The titles of the work packages become default positions
  • The expected time become the quantity of default positions
  • If the invoicing method "Hourly rate for projects" is selected in the tab "Conditions", this approach is used as the individual price for the default positions.
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