hourly rates for an employee

bexio gives you the option of defining a default hourly rate per activity for each user (from Package Pro).

If, for example, Employee A conducts a consultation, the hourly rate is CHF 100; if Employee B conducts a consultation, however, the hourly rate is CHF 150. To save you from having to adjust the hourly rates per employee by hand on every invoice, you can define so-called default hourly rates per person.

The hourly rates can be defined for each user and for all activities. Consult our report "Manage activities" for information on how to create activities.


To define personal hourly rates per employee, first open the user administration under "Settings" -> "all settings" -> "master data" > "projects: hourly rates per user" ->. Here, select "show and edit hourly rates" to adjust the hourly rates for the corresponding activities.

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