time tracking

Under "Project" you have the option of recording both times and projects. The following describes how to record times. Consult the article "Record new project" for information on how to record projects.


Hover your mouse over services and select "Times". This will take you to the overview of the times entered.


Click on "Track time" to access the input screen.



Here you can define what activity the time entry relates to. You can define the activities under "Settings" and assign them individual hourly rates. Consult the report "Manage activities" for information on how to manage activities.



The status indicates how "far along" the time entry is: "Pending", "In progress", "Completed", "Invoiced" or "Closed". If you subsequently want to invoice the service, the entry must be in the status "Completed". As soon as you have imported the entry to an invoice, the status automatically changes to "Invoiced".




Enter a text here, e.g. exactly what service you have provided. This text will then be included on the invoice when you issue it.



Check this box if you want to invoice the service.


Type of time entry

There are three options for recording a time entry:

  • Duration: Enter the total time you needed to complete the service.


  • From/to: Here you can specify the start and end time. The time span is then calculated automatically.


  • Stopwatch: If you record an entry with a stopwatch, you can then stop and start the time for this entry in the list view. Once completed, stop the stopwatch and set the entry to "Completed". Consult the relevant article for more information on the stopwatch.


Define contact

As described previously, assign the entry to a contact, and also to a contact person and a project, where appropriate.


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