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How do I invoice services?

bexio offers you several options for invoicing the services you have entered (time entries, expenditures).

Please note that, for both variants, only the times in the status "Completed" and expenditures that have not yet been charged can be imported. In addition, the services (time entries, expenditures) must be marked as chargeable.


Pass on services (time entries, expenditures) from the project

Consult our report "Create an invoice from a project" for information on how you can pass on services directly from a project or create invoices from projects.


Pass on services without projects

If you want to pass on services that are not assigned to any project, you have to create a new invoice for the same contact for which the services were recorded. The contact then serves as a common connection.

To import services (time entries, expenditures), select the item "More positions" in an opened invoice and, when there, select the option "Time/service" for times and "Expenditures" for expenditures.


Following this, a modal box will be displayed where, using the checkboxes on the right-hand side, you can select which invoices would like to import. Here you can also define rounding settings that deviate from the default settings (only for times) and then import the desired services to the invoice via "Add selected items".


Consult the report "Define and apply rounding settings" for more information on the topic of rounding settings.


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