Product import Function


  • Excel templates are no longer required. Now you can import your products directly into bexio. It is no longer necessary to take a detour and use up valuable time adapting your data to an import template.
  • The import process automatically assigns the appropriate Excel columns to the corresponding product fields in bexio - any other columns can also be directly assigned.
  • You can also specify how duplicates are handled: i.e. if products already exist in bexio, should they be excluded from the import or updated? This makes it easy to either adjust or maintain the prices of all your products, for example.
  • Update your inventory with the new import feature: Incoming and outgoing goods are recorded directly.
  • The post-import correction file makes it easy to identify any problems and resolve them immediately in order to ensure that all your data is imported correctly.
  • No long wait: The new import process is much faster. Even with 15,000 products, the file import takes less than 30 seconds.

Import procedure

1. Open "Products" - "Products" and click on the Options menu in the top right-hand corner (3 dots) and select "Product import".

2. Select the file that you wish to import from your computer and upload it. The following file formats can be processed: CSV, XLS and XLSX.

3. You will now see the column headers of your file on the left, and bexio product fields on the right. Please assign your column headers to the appropriate fields.

  • If you click on the arrow next to the column header, you will see the first 3 rows of your file. This will remind you which data you have in each column.
  • The only mandatory field is "Product name", which must be assigned.
  • Your data will be assigned automatically to suitable fields in bexio. If any assignments are inappropriate, please adjust them manually.
  • Each assignment can only be used once in the import. After a field assignment has been made, it will be greyed-out in the other drop-down lists.
  • Unassigned fields will be ignored and therefore not imported.

4. Now you need to decide what should happen in the case of existing products. You can either exclude them or update them. How does bexio know whether a product already exists or not?

  • In the first step, bexio checks the product code.
  • If there is no product code, the product name is checked in the second step.

5. Our products will now be imported into your bexio account.

Import errors

A post-import correction file is created if any errors occur during a product import. This file can be downloaded directly from the error message.

In the first column of this Excel file, you will see the reason why the product could not be imported. Make the necessary correction and then upload the correction file to import the products that were not imported before.

N.B.: Your "original" file remains unchanged, so it is probably worthwhile to correct any errors in the source file for future imports.

Tips & tricks

  • The first row of the file must contain the column headers / titles in order for the columns to be assigned to fields.
  • Before performing an import, define the product units under "Settings" - "All settings" - "Master data" - "Product units".
  • Additional currencies should be defined under "Settings" - "All settings" - "Functions & modules" - "Currencies".
  • Check whether the selected revenue and expense accounts have been created and activated under "Settings" - "All settings" - "Accounting" - "Chart of accounts".
  • If you want to include your stock level in the import, please ensure that your Excel file includes the stock level of the products in question.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to have more than one currency or language for the same product. However, we have a workaround for this issue: Please contact our Support team at
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