What should be kept in mind when importing a product?

Which fields need to be completed in order for the import to work properly and what do I have to prepare in bexio so that the product is imported smoothly?

When importing products into bexio, there are a few mandatory fields and special aspects that you should keep in mind. This report explains the mandatory fields and special aspects of importing contacts to simplify the process for you.


The mandatory fields

Product type Mandatory fields
Normal product Product type, Product code, Product name, In-stock product (yes, no), Contact partner, Currency, VAT - output tax, VAT - input tax
In-stock product (expand mandatory fields of a "normal product" by) Inventory, Minimum inventory


Special aspects

  • Each product code must only be used once in bexio.
  • The username of a user entered in bexio must be provided under "Contact partner". The information you need for the contact partner is the second detail you need to enter when logging in. Or go to: "Settings - Packages / add-ons / users" and then to "Users". Move your mouse over the corresponding user and click "Actions - Edit". Here you will see the user name in the first field. This is usually the e-mail address.
  • The corresponding account numbers must be entered into the fields "Income account no." & "Expense account no.".
  • The contents of the fields in the "Inventory", "Minimum inventory", "Warehouse location", "Bin location", "Width", "Height", "Weight" and "Volume" columns can only be imported if the product is an "In-stock product".
  • The contacts entered under the "Vendor" column must have been present under bexio's contacts prior to the import.


Import error messages and their meanings

If just one single entry in the Excel file created for the import contains an error, no products will be imported so that you have an opportunity to rectify the errors and re-import the complete list into bexio.

Error Cause
Line 2 - Contact partner column - This is a mandatory field. "Contact partner" under line 2 is empty or incorrect. Please note the informational text under special aspects.
Line 6 - Product code column - Product code already in use "Product code" under line 6 is already assigned in bexio.
Line 9 - Bin location column - This entry is incorrect. "Bin location" under line 9 does not exist in bexio.


Import template

Our template must be used when importing information. You can find it directly in bexio under "Products - Import/export - Products (import Excel)".


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