Enter expenses

Expenses are there to capture in a simple and efficient way the expenses in bexio, which were paid directly via a bank account (created accounts in the banking). Go to "Purchases" - "Expenses" and click on the right side on "new expense".


If you want to record more expenses, click directly in the entry mask on "Save and new". You save the expense that has just been captured and reach a new blank entry mask to capture an additional expenses.


Expense account and asset account

You can select the appropriate expense account or asset account for your expense. Choose from any of the expense accounts or asset accounts you defined in your chart of accounts. To find out how to edit your chart of accounts, please refer to the article "Managing account groups and the chart of accounts".

Expense amount

Here you can choose the currency and enter the amount incl. VAT. bexio then automatically calculates the correct amount. If another VAT rate is used or the invoice does not include VAT, click "Advanced" to see and use additional options.

If VAT rates are missing, you can enter these into bexio yourself. To find out how, read "Managing VAT rates".

Posting date

The date is a mandatory field. Please select the date on which you want to have the service paid because the expense will automatically be posted on this date.


Banking account and posting description

Here you can choose from among all of the banking accounts you defined. To find out how to add a banking account, please read "Managing banking accounts and setting up ESR".

In the description, enter which type of expense this is. That will help you keep track of and allocate your expense later.


Billing an expense

Of course you can still bill your expense to another party. To do so, attribute the expenses to a contact and mark them as billable.


Expenses can be linked to a project.

Uploading receipts

You can attach sales receipts or invoices right to the expense. The same principle applies as for bills.


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