How can I create a vendor / supplier invoice?

New vendor invoice

If you want to create a vendor invoice, go to "Purchase" - "Supplier invoices".


Press "+New vendor invoice" to create a new invoice.


You can then specify the vendor, select a suitable title (optional) and save the vendor invoice number as a reference (optional).

You can also enter the date of the invoice and due date ("Payable by"). Today's date is always used by default as the invoice date. Of course this can also be changed.



On the "Settings" tab you can change the payment options to match those on the vendor invoice. For vendor invoices, the price option "Gross" (incl. VAT) is also selected by default. To find out how to change the default settings, please refer to the article "Edit document settings - Set defaults".

And don't forget to save the modified settings by pressing "Apply settings".


Adding default items / product items

Now you can add either default items or product items. Default items are used for non-recurring items, product items are used for recurring items. To find out how to create new products, please read the article "Entering new products".

Uploading receipts

In accordance with the principle that no posting will be made without a receipt, you can attach the original invoice to your bexio account as a receipt.

To find out how, read the article "Uploading files for a vendor invoice".

Once all of the information has been entered, press "Mark vendor invoice as outstanding". Doing so releases the invoice for payment and the status of the invoice changes from "Draft" to "Pending".

Paying a vendor invoice

As soon as the status of the vendor invoice is "Outstanding", you can post an outgoing payment with today's date using the action "Vendor invoice has been paid" and change the status of the vendor invoice to "Paid".

Alternately, you can also post the outgoing payment with a manual date on the "Outgoing payments" tab by pressing the "Create outgoing payment" button. You can also choose the debit account to be used.

Now the status of the vendor invoice changes to "Paid" and you will no longer be able to edit the vendor invoice. You still have the option of copying the vendor invoice using the "Copy vendor invoice" function to use it as a template for a new one.


Deleting a vendor invoice

To find out how to delete a vendor invoice, please read the article "Deleting a vendor invoice".


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