Delete a bill


You can delete a bill on your own. To do so, the status of the bill must be in status "Draft".

Status is "Paid"

In the case that the bill status is "Paid", you must first delete the outgoing payment in the "Outgoing payments" tab to set the bill status to "Open" or "Overdue".


Once you have paid the bill with banking, you can simply undo the reconciliation.


Status "pending" / "overdue"

With the "Pending" or "Overdue" status, you can click on the "Edit bill" link so that the status returns to "Draft".


Status "payments sent" / "payment downloaded" / "transmitted"

Click on the "Outgoing payments" tab and delete the entered bank transfer payment to set the bill status back to "pending" or "open".


Status draft

You can then delete the bill using the "Trash Can symbol".


Please note that the number range of the bill is not reset. We do not advise to delete bills or general documents, since you have gaps in the number range on the one hand, and traceability can no longer be guaranteed on the other.


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