What are my options in the journal?

The journal contains every post, regardless of whether these are system posts or manual posts. For a better overview of the posts, use the filter in the journal and export the filtered data records to an Excel file. Choose from the following filters:



Using the standard filter

You can choose from the following standard filters which are displayed as tabs:

  • All posts
  • Only manual posts
  • Only accounts receivable posts (invoices)
  • Only accounts payable posts (vendor invoices)
  • Only expenditures


Detailed filter

To filter the posts in accordance with your requirements, click "Detailed filter" in the overview.



The filter field will appear where you can define the posting period, account group, account and other filter criteria. Of course multiple filter criteria can also be used in combination.



You can now either apply the filter or save it. We recommend only saving filters that you want to use repeatedly. Look under "Custom filter" for your saved filters.


Exporting your journal

You can export your journal as an Excel file under "Export current list". For more information about bexio's export functions, please read "Export - which options does bexio offer?"


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