Manual postings - what should be kept in mind?

We have included a "Manual posts" function to ensure that you can use bexio to reflect any situation present in your accounts. This article discusses the following points:

  1. How can I create a manual post?
  2. Saving posts as a template
  3. Using templates
  4. Managing and editing templates
  5. Uploading files

1. How can I create a manual post?

You can create manual posts either directly in the journal or via the receipt you received in your inbox. Find out more about creating posts via the inbox in the article entitled "Uploading files".

Open "Accounting" - "Reports"...

Bildschirmfoto_2017-08-07_um_15.53.30.png click "+ New manual post" to go to the posting form.


Here you can then enter any information needed:


  1. Select the date on which the post should be made.
  2. Assign an individual receipt number to the receipt. This will help you identify your post in the journal.
  3. Give the post a designation so that it can be traced and identified quickly.
  4. Select the currency you want to use for the post.
  5. Here you can choose the first account to which you want to post. After that, you can enter the corresponding amount as a debit or credit, depending on the post. The top-most field must always contain the total amount of the business transaction, otherwise you will be unable to distribute the amount correctly and will receive an error message.
  6. Here you can select the contra account and enter the amount correspondingly as a debit or credit.
  7. If your post contains VAT, specify the appropriate tax rate here. Note: The amount including VAT (gross) is always posted!
  8. If you want to make another manual post in the same step, simply click "+ Add post". You will then be provided with a second posting form under the first post.
  9. Click "book" to post the entry on the date selected and save.

2. Saving posts as a template

Once you have created a post, you can also save it as a template. To do so, click the triangle next to "Post" and select "Save as template".

Enter a name for the template and confirm your entry by pressing "OK".

3. Using templates

To use a posting template, click "Select posting template" under "Accounting" - "Journal" and select the template you want to use.


When you open the template, a prefilled posting form will appear that you can adapt and then save.

4. Managing and editing templates

You can find the menu for managing your posting templates under "Accounting - journal" and "Manage".

Now you should see the template list.


Click a template to edit it and then save your changes. Clicking "Actions" on the right will also allow you to edit or even delete the template.

5. Uploading a receipt for manual posts

If you make manual posts, you can attach a receipt to these.

To do so, click "Upload files" in the posting form under the document icon or select a receipt you uploaded into your inbox.


You can drag your receipt into the upload field using the drag and drop function or select and upload a file on your computer.



Once you have successfully completed the upload, close the receipt form by clicking the "Receipt icon" again.


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