What is the "Account ledger" area in the accounting system?

Accounting: account ledger

You will find the "Account ledger" tab in the "Accounting" area.


This lets you evaluate and analyze individual accounts of your financial accounting.

First select the desired account and the date range. Then click "Apply filter".



You will then see an overview of all movements on this account and during this period of time.



In the first line, which is designated as "Carryover from previous month", you will see the total value of all posts you made during the same financial year prior to the period of time.

A breakdown by debit and credit is prepared based on the posts you made for this account. The current balance will be displayed after each post.

The balance is calculated as the difference between the debit and credit amounts and balances the account.



Account statements can be downloaded in PDF or Excel format. Account ledgers can be exported in PDF format either individually or all account ledgers at once.


Here you see an example of a PDF export.

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