How do I manage my account groups and chart of accounts?

You can alter the standard chart of accounts included in bexio to fit your needs. If you created your user account using the bookkeeping assistant, the appropriate chart of accounts will automatically be imported based on the legal form you indicated.

Where can I find account groups and the chart of accounts?

You can find account groups and the chart of accounts by going to “Settings” – “All Settings” – “Bookkeeping” – “Chart of Accounts for Financial Bookkeeping”.


General information about account groups

Account groups are based on the income statement and the balance sheet. They are divided into sub-groups and primary groups. Account groups marked by a small padlock system account groups. These cannot be deleted and are generated automatically by bexio. Account groups containing accounts or other account groups cannot be deleted either. To do this, you must delete all accounts individually, then the subgroups.


Managing account groups

Account groups can be edited or created by going to “Settings” – “All Settings” – “Bookkeeping” – “Chart of Accounts for Financial Bookkeeping.” If you would like to change an account group, click on the three dots to the right of the account group you want to change, then click on “Edit Group.” The “Add Group” button lets you create your own account group.


1) Enter the number for the account group here. The number refers to the primary group and also indicates the accounts it contains. For example, the Liquid Funds group is number 100, which means it is in the Active primary group (1) and in Current Assets (10). The number also indicates that the Cash (1000) and Bank Accounts (1020 on) accounts are contained in this group.

2) You can enter the name of the group here. For example, Fixed Assets, Movables, etc.

3) Here you can specify the group that is one level higher. For Fixed Assets, for example, that would be the Current Assets group.



Manage the chart of accounts

The chart of accounts is the cornerstone of bookkeeping. bexio includes ready-made charts of accounts for various company types that you can choose and adapt to suit your needs.
You can find the chart of accounts by going to “Settings” – “All Settings” – “Bookkeeping” – “Chart of Accounts for Financial Bookkeeping.” To edit an existing account, click on the three dots to the right of the account you want to change and click “Edit Account.” You can create new accounts using the “Add Account” button.


1) Enter the account number of the new account here. Account numbers have four digits. The number indicates where the account sits within the balance sheet or the income statement. For example, the Cash account is normally assigned the number 1000. This number indicates that it is an Active account (1) in Current Assets (10) and is part of Liquid Assets (100); also that is in first place, which means it has the highest liquidity (1000).

2) The account name should indicate what it is used for. For example, Vehicle Costs, Mail, Real Estate Income.

3) Set the characteristics of your new account here. The options are Active account (+/-) and Passive account (-/+) in the balance sheet and Expense account (+/-) and Income account (-/+) in the income statement.

4) You can choose the account group for your new account here. The account group determines the first digit of the account number (see the example in point 1).

5) You can set the VAT rate for the account here. You can choose any of the stored rates. For more information about how to choose your tax rates, see the article "Managing VAT".


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