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In bookkeeping, the principle of no posting without a receipt applies. That's why with bexio, we make it possible for you to attach your receipts (files) directly where you enter the receipts in the system and where the booking is made. You also have the option of sharing the attached files with your customers, so that they can view the files online.




File upload information

PDF Supported file formats: PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF
Maximum file size: the maximum file size for the upload is 12MB
Maximum amount: You can upload 25 files at a time.


Uploading files in your inbox

To upload a file in your inbox, go to "Apps > Inbox". Then click on the "Upload File" button. You can upload your file via the file selector (2a) or via "drag and drop" (2b).

1. Click: "Upload File".
2a. Click: "Choose Files".
2b. Drag your files from your computer documents into the rectangle.
3. Select the files from your computer documents.
4. The files are now uploaded and will be listed.







After uploading the file, it will appear in the list of your inbox. Click on the "three dots menu" to perform the following actions:

Create new documents/postings in bexio, with the file attached:
- New expense
- Manual booking
- New supplier invoice

Or edit the file:
- Download
- Rename
- Delete
- Archive



Uploading files by email

You can also send files by email to the inbox of your bexio account. To do this, use the email address noted in the upper right-hand corner of your Inbox. (The email address below is an example)




This email address can be re-customised. To do this, click on the "gear" to the right of the address.



You can insert your own abbreviation in the company profile. Your email address will then be generated with this abbreviation, e.g.: Abbreviation: "company" - >



Email address rules

our shortcut can contain the following characters:
  • Min. 3, max. 12 characters
  • A-Z, a-z, 0-9, -, _
  • No special characters & no spaces
Rules for automatic creation of the abbreviation:
  • Company name entered by the user
  • Spaces are removed
  • All letters are replaced by lowercase letters
  • Company names that are too long are shortened to 8 characters
  • If the company name already exists:
    • A number is added > Example:
      • Company name: Super Company
      • Company name abbrevation: supercom1
Rules of sending Files:
  • Only the following Files are allowed:doc, docs, gif, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx
  • Do not send a styling nor other files within the Mail!
    E.g. outlook sometimes sends «winmail.dat» file within the mail (this can be changed in the outlook settings though)


Info about the "cryptic e-mail address":
- The assigned email address is assigned per user. If another user sends a file via the same email address, then, when uploading the document, the name of the user to whom the address is assigned will still be shown despite this.

Is customisation enabled?
- When a file is sent to the individual e-mail address, the sender's e-mail address is displayed in bexio underneath "Uploaded by".
- The old cryptic email address will be hidden, but can be accessed via the "gear".


Please note for shipping: only use supported file formats. And do not add any additional files as attachments, nor any email text, to ensure the upload succeeds.


Files attached to documents cannot be deleted. The links of attached files can be seen below the overview. A file can also be linked to several documents.




Bildschirmfoto_2019-08-14_um_11.15.38.png The file was sent to the inbox by e-mail.

Bildschirmfoto_2019-08-14_um_11.15.38_2.png The File was uploaded with our scanner app or via the file upload.


Information about OKI printer:

Unfortunately we do not support the OKI printer series. The reason for this is that OKI printers send the scanned documents in a different format, which cannot be processed in bexio. (This can also occur with other obsolete printers.)

You can still upload your receipts using our bexio Scanner App or upload your documents to your computer so that you can upload them via your inbox (Uploading files in your inbox).


Uploading/attaching files in documents

Open an existing document or create a new one. (Document means quotes, orders, supplier invoices, invoices, credit notes, expenses and manual postings.)

If you have created a new document or have opened an existing one, a document icon will appear on the right. Click on this icon; there are two ways here to attach your file.



"Add files from Inbox"

1. This action allows you to attach a file directly from your Inbox.



2. Select the desired files and click on "Add Files".



"Upload Files"

1. "Upload Files" allows you to select and upload a file from your computer.



2. Click on "Select Files" to browse your computer for the desired file.



3. Select your file from your computer documents. You will then have successfully uploaded your files in the document.


How can I share files with customers?

To see how to make uploaded documents visible in your documents for your customers, read the following support post: Release files for clients

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