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One of the key principles of accounting is that no booking should be made without documentation, which is why bexio lets you attach your documents (files) directly from where you create those records and make bookings in the system. You also have the possibility of sharing the attached files with your customers so that they can view the files online.

There are two ways to upload files. One way is to upload the files to your Inbox and then attach them directly to a document or booking, and the other way is to upload the file immediately when creating a document or a booking.


Uploading files to your Inbox

To upload a file to your Inbox, go to "Apps" -> "Inbox" and then click on the green "Upload file” button

You can upload files either by selecting them in the file window or via drag-and-drop.


Select file:





In the upload window, you will see a list of all the file types that you can upload.



After your file has been uploaded, you will automatically be returned to the list of all your uploaded files.


Under “Actions” you have the option to download a file (useful if you work on different devices), or to rename, archive or delete it. You can also create a supplier invoice, an expense or a manual booking directly from your Inbox.


Upload files via e-mail

You can also send files to your bexio Inbox by e-mail. To do this, simply send the file to the e-mail address which you see at the top right-hand-side of your Inbox.



Uploading / attaching files to documents

Open an existing document or create a new one. (Documents include quotes, orders, supplier invoices, invoices, credit notes, expenses and manual bookings.)

When you have created a new document or opened an existing document, a document icon will appear on the right. Select this icon and then click on either (a) "+ Add files from Inbox" if you have already uploaded the file to your Inbox, or (b) "Upload files" if you want to upload the file directly from your computer.


(a) Here is where you can select the files in your inbox. Select the file that you would like to attach and click "Select File".


(b) Here is where you can upload a file by either dragging it into the box or clicking on "Select files". (As with the Inbox, the upload window lists which file types are permitted.)






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