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What are the advantages of the mailXpert add-on?

With mailXpert, the Swiss newsletter solution, you can plan, design and send highly personalised emails. mailXpert covers the entire spectrum of email marketing, all the way from classic newsletters to automated online dialogue with your contacts. You can also monitor the success of your newsletter in real time. Distribution is performed by a high-end infrastructure in Swiss data centres. With mailXpert, all your data stays in Switzerland. The software has an easy-to-use newsletter editor, automated de-subscription management, and various other features that enable personalised communication with your customers.



How do I activate the mailXpert add-on?

All you need to do is to activate the mailXpert add-on in your bexio account. You can activate the add-on from the "Add-ons" page via "Settings" -> "Packages, Licences and Users".




How do I start using mailXpert?

A quick-start guide to using mailXpert can be found under the menu item "Apps". Simply click on "mailXpert" and you will be logged directly into your account.




How do I get my contacts into mailXpert?

Your bexio contacts are automatically synchronised with mailXpert. The synchronisation is performed automatically every night, but you can also start the process manually whenever you like.


N.B.: If the total number of contacts in bexio and mailXpert is not the same, it may be because several of your bexio contacts have the same email address. mailXpert only allows an email address to be used once, so the two numbers may differ.



Where do I get help and support if I have questions about mailXpert?

You will find answers to many questions in the knowledge database at 

If you can't find the answer to your question there, please send a support request directly from the application via "Help & Support" -> "Support Ticket". You can also send an email to mailXpert Support at


Support for mailXpert is provided directly by the employees of mailXpert GmbH.



Can I increase the number of emails per month?

mailXpert offers several additional services that you can book separately. You can book extra services such as template creation, upgrades of the distribution limit or telephone support in your mailXpert account via "Help & Support" -> "Additional Services". Extra services are invoiced directly by mailXpert GmbH.




What are the differences between mailXpert for bexio and the standard services of mailXpert GmbH?

mailXpert for bexio is specially tailored to the typical needs of bexio users. The main difference from the standard subscription plans of mailXpert GmbH is the lower email distribution limit, which is why it can be offered to bexio customers at an attractive discount. A comparison can be found here: 



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