Use of the add-on MailXpert

What benefits does the add-on offer?

Documents are sent via a professional infrastructure. This means no special e-mail hosting or SMTP relays are required for bulk mailing. The tool has improved opt-out management. In addition, a completely new editor has been developed that is very easy to use. Also included are new functions such as campaign planning and improved read statistics. Another great thing about mailXpert is that it is a product developed by a Swiss company, Artack WebLabs GmbH in Zurich.

I already have the old newsletter tool: How can I switch?

The add-on can be configured under "Settings - Manage packages and add-ons". It is of course important that the templates and contacts (including unsubscriptions/opt-outs) can be transferred to the new add-on. mailXpert offers the service "Migration package" for a one-time charge of CHF 150; this can be ordered after activating the add-on under "Help - Additional services".


Where can I order templates? Where can I increase the number of e-mails per month?

Under "Help - Additional services", a setup package (CHF 290), the template "Business" (CHF 250), the template "Professional" (CHF 390), telephone support and mail limit upgrades can be purchased. These additional services can then then be invoiced directly through our partner company Artack WebLabs.

Where can I get help and support for the new add-on?

Support for the new mailXpert is provided directly by our partner company Artack WebLabs. You can access the support area or submit questions directly via the application via "Help - Help". You can reach mailXpert Support by e-mail at

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