The add-on "Newsletter" has been deactivated - What alternatives do I have?

What is the add-on "Newsletter" and have I subscribed to this?

The add-on "Newsletter" is an e-mail marketing tool and the predecessor version to the add-on "mailXpert".

In your package administration under "Settings - Packages / add-ons / users - Packages & licenses under the item "3 Select add-on" you can see whether you have subscribed to the add-on "Newsletter". If you have not subscribed to the add-on you do not need to make any changes.

I have subscribed to the add-on "Newsletter". What alternatives do I have?

You have two new add-ons for e-mail marketing in bexio: "MailChimp" and "mailXpert". Below it is explained how you can switch to the respective tool.


MailChimp is one of the most widely used newsletter tools worldwide for end-to-end newsletter management. MailChimp allows you to plan and structure your newsletter and send it to your contact groups. Contacts can be transferred automatically from bexio in distribution lists.
In order to use the free MailChimp add-on, you need an account at MailChimp and you can then link your MailChimp account to bexio. Consult the article "How do I set up the add-on MailChimp?" for information on where you can sign up for a MailChimp account and how you can set this up in bexio.

The contacts can be transferred from bexio to MailChimp with first name, last name and e-mail address. Consult the article "How do I transfer contacts from bexio to MailChimp?" for information on how to do this. You must subsequently unsubscribe the contacts that have already been unsubscribed manually in your MailChimp account. Consult the article "Unsubscribe people from a list" in the MailChimp Helpdesk for information on how you can unsubscribe contacts.
Templates cannot be transferred from the add-on "Newsletter". MailChimp has a very simple and intuitive editor for templates that you can use to create your perfect template in a short space of time. Consult the article "Options for creating templates" in the MailChimp Helpdesk for more information on the template editor.



mailXpert is the successor solution to the add-on "Newsletter". mailXpert was developed by the same company as the add-on "Newsletter" (ARTACK WebLabs GmbH). If you use the add-on "mailXpert", you can obtain a migration package from mailXpert for just CHF 150. All unsubscribed contacts as well as registered contacts are transferred. You can also recreate your template with mailXpert.

Consult the report "What do I need to know about mailXpert?" for more information on the add-on "mailXpert"?

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